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v             THE CHURCH OF S. ANDREW IN KRISEI           115
The three central bays correspond to the c inner narthex' ; the middle bay is covered by a low saucer dome on pendent-ives3 and is separated from the two side bays by columns set against flat pilasters. The latter bays are covered by groined vaults springing from the imposts of the capitals, which are of the Byzantine Ionic type, with high carved imposts. They resemble the capitals in the gallery of SS. Sergius and Bacchus, and are worthy of particular notice.
The two outer bays are separated from the central compartment of three bays by strongly projecting pilasters, They are covered by low saucer domes similar to the dome over the central bay3 and communicate on the east with the * aisles/ Both outer and inner narthexes are in one story, above which rise the windows of the western dome arch and the semi-domes on north and south.
Turning now to the exterior, the south wall is the only outer wall which is exposed at the ground level. It is faced with finely dressed and polished stone, with thin joints, no tiles, and a stone-moulded cornice. The windows are covered with four centred Turkish arches and are evident insertions. Above the stone cornice rise the low drums of the semi-domes. These, as well as the square base of the dome and the dome itself, are faced with polished stone alternating with courses of three bricks set in thick beds of mortar, The angles are plain, without shafts, and the drums, dome base, and dome are crowned with stone cornices moulded to a reversed ogee*
The north and south semi-domes are each pierced by three large windows, which on the interior cut through the curved surface of the domes, and on the exterior appear as dormers in the roof above the cornice. Accordingly they are double glazed, with one glazed frame on the inside corresponding to the curved dome surface, and a second upright glazed frame on the outside. The roofs are covered with lead.
The central dome is circular inside, with, a high drum pierced by eight windows* On the outside it is octagonal, with a window on each side* These have circular arched heads, but have no moulding, shaft, or inset to either arches